Gtalk Popup.. in linux.

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Seeing a popup whenever someone msg you..


is quite nice.. but justĀ  in the mood you’re not busy.


coz. i tend to turn all the messenger things off whenever I …

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Sharing is caring

4 thoughts on “Gtalk Popup.. in linux.

  1. hawk

    to install..

    su –
    cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
    wg et

    yum install pidgin pidgin-devel libpurple-devel -y

    then download the
    1. pidgin-extprefs
    2. pidgin-guification
    3. guification themes..


    tar zxfv pidgin-extrprefs-release.tar.gz
    cd pidgin-extrprefs-release
    make check
    make install


    repeat for the other one..

    and for themes..
    just extract it and.. copy it over. to the theme folder..
    su –
    cp theme_names /usr/share/pixmap/pidgin/guification/themes/ -R

    activative the plugin at the pidgin control..

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