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Documentary on TV1 – where did all ‘local’ research report goes ?

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I watched at documentary on TV1 while having lunch at a stall this afternoon.
I think is around 12.30 pm today.. (a replay perhaps.)

The documentary is about the SUN , its magnetic field affect on Earth,the sun spot,
the flare.. and everything from the SUN compared to the moon..
And how did they prove the magnetic related to the sun spot.

Plus an experiment to calculate the speed of the magnetic flare to travel and reach Earth
within 12hour .. why seeing from side and not from the front could easily estimated the speed.
( He is spraying water to the glass.. and seeing it from the side.. )

The way they narrated the story to make it interesting and inter-related between one sentence to
next sentence is just amazing..
for a good 5minute, I was staring at the TV screen.. until it finish the presentation:).

Then come the interesting part, the interview with the scientist himself, regarding his theory
and also the un-proven hypothesis and all.. and “western scientist” ,
one was based at NASA labs, and also one from another private research center.

then it got my mind, where did all our local scientist journal had gone to ?
The media love to share “Talk with celebrities”.. bla..bla.. sort of entertainment.
Is there no local scientist is doing work and to be highlighted ?
Non-commercial film ? as such this one “National Geographic”..
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Sharing is caring