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Final Malaysia Cup 2009 – kelantan vs negeri sembilan [result 1 -3]

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The event took place at Bukit Jalil Stadium..

Due to some reason, i have opted to go there via LRT instead of the car,
I think major road are also closed or just stuck.. hahaa.
Before leaving home.. opened up MythWeb and set my TV recorder to record this live event tonight while “I am away..”


So that I wouldn’t missed it if anything is amiss .. :) ( later realized luckily I did this.. before leaving .. hahaa)

Ok..started the journey around 4pm something.. 😉
went thru Sprint Highway…
if you realized..all the car here are “braking” or slowing down..
(the speed limit at this three lanes road is 80km/h ~ *got ticket while speeding here at 95km/h ..!!*)
Hmm.. weather was a bit bad.. from the sky can tell “it is about to rain heavily ..”

Arrived and parked at “Salak Selatan” LRT station :

The LRT round-trip ticket come in “pink” color .. ( hahahaha )

we thought we’re early.. but..

Some screenshot during arrival at Bukit Jalil Stadium:
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