Recovery after a hardisk disaster

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I had screwed up my hardisk a day ago..
wipe off all the “160Gb” hardisk back to factory setting sort of..hehee

but I did managed to recover some partition and data with
I boot with a LiveCD and run downloaded TestDisk binary for
generic linux.
The step to recover using TestDisk:

1. Select the hardisk device to recover:
mine “/dev/sda”

2. Select type of :
mine “Intel”

3. Select option “Analyze”
some current partition will appear.
4. Select “Search Deeper”
wait until all old partition appear.
.. this moment can see old “/”, “/home”,”vfat” thingy.
wait until completed scanning cyclinder to “100%”

5. Go to each partition .. try list the old data.
by pressing “L”
.. it shall shows some folder inside inside the partition
if recoverable.
if not .. select next partition till can see data ..

6. press “q” to return to previous menu..
7. at the listing when confirmed which one is recoverable.
use arrow key “Left” / “Right” to set properties of partition
either “D-Delete” “P-primary” ,”*–bootable”,”L-Secondary”, “E-Extended”
.. hmm.. on Dell laptop..
there is the first partition for Dell Utility ,
have to press “t” ammend the partition type code to “DE”

8. repeat step 6-7 until all partition got into place correctly,
and the status of MBR become OK…
9. now press “ENTER” to continue..
10. It shall asked to “Write” , “Extend”.
to “MBR” ..the extend is to grow “Extended” partition to fit free space..

11. press write.. “it shall asked for a reboot before can see the old partition again”..

reboot the system and check the newly restored partition table,
peform some fsck and try to read, write.. until satisfied..

some partition had been damaged though..

.. personally from above step , i managed to recover :

1. my old “/ ” without “/etc” and some other files.
2. my old “Windows XP partiton on /dev/sda7″.
3. my old “Ubuntu” with some files copied by “Migration Assistant” inside it..
4. my Dell “Recovery” partition of “2GB”. *(permanently deleted afterward)

vanished :

1. my “/home”
2. my “Windows Vista” partition on “/dev/sda2″

.. after giving it a night of recovery..

removed all again..

1. install Ubuntu..9.10 *again*
[ so that i can burn my CentOS 5.4 iso.. from backup repo.. ]

2. install windows xp on new partition ,
so that i can restore the “old XP” with
the bootloader of windows xp.
[ just need to add a line into boot.ini ]

4. install windows vista ? * skipped*

5. install windows 7 ? *skipped as the DVD is unbootable*

6. install CentOS 5.4 .. with new dedicated “/home”

7. mangling around with CentOS 5.4 to get MythTV frontend to work again.
[ so that i can watch TV on my laptop again…]

8. then only think about how to get RPMs tools to work again.
[work related stuff… hahaha]

the current partition table of my notebook become as below :


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Sharing is caring

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