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Kepuasan Dalam Bekerja – Self-Satisfaction in doing jobs

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This morning , woke up a bit early .. switched on the MythTV,
and amazingly morning slot is far more informative ..

The slot was “Motivasi Pagi”, this time talks about self-satisfaction in doing job.


It merely not ALL about the money that would make us happy with the job.
Sometime as a programmer , they wouldn’t mind to spend tremendous hours to get application
running as for them, the (working and benefit) result = output is much more value-able.
Is not how much the pay for each application, but how we would see the product of our
own effort finally realized and appreciate. :)

And I believe this is not only for that one particular job,
others also might be relieved (and having some sort of satisfaction) whenever seeing
their patient finally can recover and walk away just like that.
Well, different people have different aim and different set of skill, some might be
just being satisfied enough with the “series of allowance”..
– elaun rumah, elaun tol, elaun minyak, elaun parking, elaun lebih masa, elaun
sara hidup, elaun kesusahan, elaun OT(Operation Theatre ).. and many more of “allowance” type
and some are bigger than the basic salary itself.
so that we not affecting or depended only on basic salary.. which could be relatively small compared to other job.
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Bijak Wang launched their own website

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For those who are looking for slide from Bijak Wang series at tv3.
You are now able to get it at Bijak Wang website which is launched a week ago.
the URL is http://www.tv3.com.my/bijakwang.


The topic discussed on Saturday,14th November 2009 was about “Perniagaan Sendiri”.

p/s: talks a bit boring this time.. so I had skipped and refuse to comment bout it.. :)

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