Hello World.. for Android 2.2

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yay !

because am so tempted..

So . i Downloaded the

Eclipse SDK 3.5.0 Classic from here

and Android SDK from here

plus some minor configuration..

so .. I created my first AVD – Android Virtual Device…

then tried writing first Hello World.. :)

Run !!

Woohoo !!

p/s : skipped counter-strike session because of this.. !!

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Sharing is caring

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3 thoughts on “Hello World.. for Android 2.2

  1. jc

    Hi, Thanks for posting this.

    I was trying to follow another android 2.2 helloworld guide, but it must be on an earlier version of eclipse.

    I have windows 7 64 bit host, but installed jdk 32, my Android sdk is updated to 2.2.
    My eclipse is Helios. I made sure to install ADT addons and point Android to my SDK tools folder. Everything look fine. I’m sure this is something really noobie ..

    I create a new android project (not a test android project) when I try to compile I get :
    The project cannot be built until build path errors are resolved HelloWorld Unknown Java Problem

    When I created my project I was sure to point to Android 2.2

    Two things I’m not getting in your post. I too created an AVD from the Android sdk, but at no time see where to link it to my project. Also, the other guide makes refernce to main.xml, and I can find no such file in my project.

    Many thanks for this post and any help you can offer!

  2. jc

    Sorry – never mind, i solve my problem, not exactly sure how or where, but I selected AVD manager in eclipse and that jarred something lose. Maybe it was not selected, but I could swear it was. Anyways.. got my Hello World working. Going to push it up to the Android Market now with a background image of Pamela Anderson for $.50 and wait for my millions to come in.. just kidding :) .. feel free to remove both of these posts on your valuable blog. Thanks.

  3. HawkEYE

    glad you had found the solutions to your problem.

    Never mind, just keep it up here.

    might help next person who could bump into same issue.

    thanks for dropping by.

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