Python Tips : Regular Expression usage to exclude something

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Let’s say we want to match every single rain variation ..

“Isolated rain over coastal area” is rain.
“Scattered rain over inland area” is rain.
“Rain” is rain
but not “No rain” .. is Fair weather ..

import re
z = 1
y = 2
x = 3
if (z == 1) & (x == 3) & (y == 2):
 print "match"
 print "not match"
norain = 'No rain'
rain = 'Rain'
rainfall = 'isolated rain interne'
zrain  =re.compile ('(?<!No\s)[Rr]ain')
m_rain = (rainfall)
m2_rain = (rain)
m1_rain = (norain)
if m_rain :
  print "got rainfall"
if m2_rain :
  print "got me : Rain"
if m1_rain:
  print "no rain also defined as rain"
else :
        print "No rain is :not raining OK!"

result would be something like follows :

Sharing is caring
Sharing is caring

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