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Playing with PIC18F4550 : write and compile C code , upload HEX to it

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Well, I’d love to discover new thing and try something new just to learn how it work.
That’s one of the thing that I wish will remain even after growing up and being old man . 😛

So, I’d ordered some stuff from http://www.cytron.com.my at few months back.
At that time, it mainly because I need its “Programmer” connector to upgrade the firmware into one of the
chip we used in my office’s research / test component.
Instead of just ordering for the cable, I order the whole start-up kit.
Or more precisely , I bought the “Final Year Project Starter Pack 02” from cytron.com.my.
(oh..btw, I didn’t claim any single cent from the office for this one.. therefore,the whole set are rightfully mine. :P)

After the connector is no longer needed, as it was just to upgrade the firmware on one of our RnD board.

After almost a year,I opened up the box and start looking at it.
Then I thought why not just open the box and write something like.
“Writing C code,compile to HEX and getting it into a micro-controller chip with PIC18F4550″‘.
I spend first few hour to get everything hook up correctly and successfully wrote something on it. :)

This starter pack includes the PIC microcontoller, LED as output, push button as input, multi meter for troubleshooting and verification, programmer and bread board. A comprehensive set to start for me.

Package Include:
    SK40C x 1
    PIC18F4550 x 1
    UIC00B Programmerx 1
    AC-DC Adaptor TMC-500PM x 1
    Digital Multimeter x 1
    Bread Board x 1
    LED 3mm x 10
    Push Button x 5
    Jumper Wire x 5m
    Resistor 330R x 10
    Resistor 1K x 10
    Resistor 10K x 10

So, I connected everything starting with .
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Sharing is caring