Woohoo.. I can’t believe it..

On saturday 20 June 2009, I went to Public Library of Malaysia (PNM).. near Jalan Tun Razak, right in front of IJN (National Heart Institute).
While walking pass the “Aras 3”.. there is a corner for “Newly arrived book”..

Then browsing a bit, I bumped into this book. “WordPress for Dummies”..
Due to curiousness , I managed to read from page 1 till the end .. within less 2hours . hahhaa.. quite fast.

Hmm.. some point that I would able to recall till this moment are :

1. It talk about what is WordPress , with assumption that the reader are :
i. computer iterate.
ii. know what is e-mail and how to read/write , communicate with it.
iii. know how to surf the net and also reading others blog .

2. First it started with some introduction to wordpress, how did she jumped from Moveable Type to wordpress..
~ the reason is .. because Moveable Type started to charge something to its user ..while wordpress remain free.. till today.

3. WordPress is provided by 3 major .. wordpress.com , wordpress.org , and..can’t remember the last one.

4. Then he talk about , what is in the Dashboard, how to post a posting.. (basically just three step , 1. Click Add new post , 2. enter your title and text, 3. Click publish button.. and that’s it.. hahaahaaha 8-))

5. then she also talk about some SEO related thing into excerpt part.. bla..bla.. and also about themes.
~ then only I know the usage of


in themes so that.. it can place the content of the post within the first 100 character of the page source code.yet displaying the link nicely on top, right, left or what so ever.. because.. crawler tend to ingest the first 100 character of the page better for its usage of Description, keyword and whatsoever.. Hmm… here she also mentioned where to get the professional designer for themes.. also the 5 important part of the themes if want to develop own unique themes..

 i. header.php
ii. footer.php
iii. style.css
iv. function.php
v. single.php

and few others .

 vi. 404.php
vii. search.php
viii. page.php
ix. index.php

and also mentioning about some available function in wordpress to be used such as :

get_info ('url');
get_info ('desc');


6. She also then write about the plugin.. how to use it .
basically just :
i. download the plugin zipped file.
ii. upload it into wp-content/plugins
iii. extract the plugin in there.
iv. login into blog administration page.
v. activate the plugin.

that’s it…

and she also listed out the “most useful” plugin that she prefer, among others that i can remember are :
i. mobile plugin . (which render your blog into phone nicely.) ~ i was kinda like this idea.. until I did some analysis with
Google Analytic , just to realized there is only 1 visitor using iPhone , and another one (once visited) via Android.
the rest of my blog visitor are just normal pc user with
(either windows/linux + firefox + 1024×800 screen resolution + and some sort of less DSL-like speed. )

ii. Ajax Comment edit ~ allow user to edit their own comment after published.

iii. Related post. ~ i am using Yet Another related Post

iv. Share this. ~ i removed this, because.. if just taking more resource than usage.

v. Photoblog ~ Hmm..

i think few others that might not really my interest..
but weirdly she missed out the “All-in-One SEO pack”.. *sigh*

7. She also listed out the categories usage.

8. Tag usage.

9. then she pointing to some Multi-User blog feature.. usage.. ~ which is I don’t really understand what is WordPress MU.

10. She also write about the type of blog :
i. professional blog (paid by advertiser to write something about their product or so..)
ii. commercial blog. (to show off their product ..bla..bla)
iv. citizen/netizen blog (personal experience ..bla..bla.)
vi. technical blog (pointing to Microsoft developer blog via MSNBC..hahahaha..)
vii. splog (spammer blog.. no content but heavily bombarded by keyword and content ‘copy-pasted’ from others source.
~ provide nothing useful ~
but trick customer to click into their link and getting paid for nothing..~)

11. she also talk about how to setup own hosting with wordpress..
starting with domain name.. wordpress.com thingy, blogspot..
how to import from old blog .. hosted at blogspot, movable, cleartype.. and many other of which i don’t really care.

12. she also did mentioned about the permalink, to use .htaccess and all..
but nothing ~ not even single word talk about how to optimize it.. with gzip of anything at that level ~


p/s : this reminded me to a one question ,
if you had just received a TV hi-fi set for home entertainment , what would you do first ?
a. read through all the manual ,understand it bla..bla.., then only started to unpack,and start connect thing.until it works.
b. just unpack first, try to connect all the stuff with confident(adventurous spirit) of able to figure out how it is should be connected.
Only at the stuck time only refer to manual for only whatever necessary to get it work, didn’t bother to read every single word in manual.