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Google O3D – Experimenting 3D Web Browser capabilities.

Ever imagine how to browse the web with 3D view ?
Like what we saw for 3D movies some time in previous few years..

This would be a new trend for next Browsing experience if Google attempt is fully accepted by online surfer.. (us).
But somehow this 3D is at the very experimental level.. far behind the Chrome.. in term of completeness..

well.. just because I was curious what does it have to offer..
Followed the instruction here [code.google.com] ..

And managed to get it compiled , after wasting about one whole day just to complete sync process for the source code
( some sort of CVS/maven thingy.. ~ scons [scons.org] )
the file is bloody fat.. ~ initial size was 56 MB..
but after compiling all.. (can reach) 1.4G .. i think together with v8 engine or something.. and also googleclient tools.. bla..bla..

the final plugin file (with extension of .so) result for firefox is..

-rwxrwxr-x 2 namran namran 8.8M Apr 23 16:16 libnpo3dautoplugin.so


du -h /home/namran/src/o3d/googleclient/o3d/scons-out/opt-linux/artifacts
97M .


and to start using this ..
copy or link the plugin file into mozilla preference directory..

ln -s /home/namran/src/o3d/googleclient/o3d/scons-out/opt-linux/artifacts/libnpo3dautoplugin.so ~/.mozilla/plugins

then export some variable before starting firefox..
I created a simple bash file just to run it..

[namran@nb-namran .bin]$ cat fire3d
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/namran/src/o3d/googleclient/o3d/scons-out/opt-linux/artifacts/
firefox &


[namran@nb-namran .bin]$ chmod a+x fire3d

launching it. just


verify the plugin is detected properly in Firefox-> addons.

.. and.. to see how it work.. in that firefox .. click File -> Open File (Ctrl+O).. then browse to .. samples file folder..
which is look like something below :


select any of the html file ..

and wait for few second.. if everything alright.. shall see something like this..

and ..

.. but got some error and sort of “not ready yet” problem.. like this..
Text not supported yet in linux

..watch the video below showing a quite nice presentation of the same file .. (with its complete capable plugin ~ Mac).


Nice.. huh?

p/s : let me know if you need the compiled binary code . (mine was compiled in CentOS 5.3) .. . and I will upload it somewhere. as the file is quite big..

-rw-rw-r-- 1 namran namran 57M Apr 23 17:14 googl3d.tgz

Namran Hussin:
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