Setting up OpenWRT to work with TM Unifi

Firstly, after done with OpenWRT reflashing, backup your current setting of OpenWRT box.
Assuming you already performed the firmware upgrade.

The following will assist you to configure it to be usable with TM Unifi broadband.

Get to Network -> Switch.

Add the following VLAN.

1. 500 with setting “Port 1” and “CPU” as “tagged” , the rest “off”
2. 600 with setting “Port 1” as “tagged” and “Port 5” as “untagged”, the rest “off”

“Port 1” seem to be the “WAN port” to the another fibre device.
“CPU” is the inside-the-box interface.
while “Port 5” actually or physically labelled as the “LAN 4”

So, the overall physical connection from this box would be as follows..

“WAN” -> “TM Fibre Home Gateway ~ HG555a ~ Port 1”
“LAN 4” -> “TM IPTV Box ~ Lan Port”

“LAN 1 ” -> “Other LAN device” (mine goes to a ADAM device for development)
“LAN 2 ” -> “Other LAN device” (mine goes to another room’s network switch)
“LAN 3” -> “Unused”

Then for the Interfaces : need to setup PPPoE dialer to VLAN device (VLAN.500)

PPPOE Physical pointed to the (VLAN.500) ones.

PPPOE Firewall setting pointed to dedicated one for NAT.

That’s for the PPPoE , you should be able to connect by then.

For the IPTV, setting would as follows ..
It need to be VLAN.600 , and from the IPTV box,connection via “LAN 4”.

Interface : “Unmanaged”

Physical : VLAN.600

Firewall : Dedicated one for IPTV.

Well.. you may add your wireless devices and any other interface as you like.

Once, above is setup, you shall be able to see “Status -> Overview” which will report the current status of WAN/LAN.

you may also view the realtime graph (every 3sec update).

and ..that’s it for Unifi Setting.

You can also mingle with all other setting once above is done.

Such as adding more software to it..

Imposing QOS..

Multiple Wifi


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  • Kindly advice, I want to use OpenWRT for my TP-Link router model TL-WR1043ND version 1.10 starting serial number with 12.

    Requested for UNIFI Malaysia 20 MB

    Kindly advice which files I do need to download, highly appropriated in advance .



    (Shah Alam)

  • Good Morning ,
    I have a TL-WR1043ND router Ver 1.10 and not able to find Hardware version, as what I understood from other posts that this should be then Hardware version 1.
    Have installed OpenWRT in total 3 files :
    German stock firmware (v3.9.17)
    - attitude_adjustment 12.09-rc2 and
    attitude_adjustment 12.09-rc2 and able to able access my router TL-WRT1043ND

    I guess that it is my age (59) but I a losing it on the configuration and explanation, first the first of all on many images that I have seen on the internet in the part Internet -> Swith VLAN witch is starting with PORT 1 -2-3-4-5-CPU however on my installed OpenWRT it starts with PORT 0-1-2-3-4-CPU so I guess something is already wrong on my side, having said this most images are related to HARDWARE VERSION 1.8

    My main goal is to get connect to UNIFI Malaysia (20MB connection) I know that Unifi provides an IPTV package but to honest I don’t need this IPTV connection at all.

    The bottom line, I like get connected to UNIFI with OPENWRT and I am really begging f someone can assist me in to get connect to Unifi. I know it is labor day (May 1) but will be great full if somebody can assist me.

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