After merely one week test with Celcom Weekly Broadband for RM20 .
I decided to move on with the fixed data plan for monthly.

First , I went to some “Celcom” booth at Giant Kota Damansara.. asking bout this ,
however they said, “that one have to get to center.. nearest is at Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI)”.

Ok, once arrived there , asked the girl at the reception counter, how to get data plan for internet
using the phone. “Oh.. fill this form and wait for your number.”
“Which package do you want?”

“Err.. what package is available ?”

“there are D38, D68, D98 .. depend on speed. which one do you prefer”.

ok.. “which one is the cheapest one and what is the speed?”

“D38 is RM38 for a month. speed is 256kbps”

“Okay then , I want D38.”
she helped to fill up the form , I just put in my name. my number . I/C number and read some fine print on that form.

less than two minutes, my number been called.
Upon submitting the form , operators asked for my ID card.
just need to show.. no need to let her to hold it.

then “Okay. your broadband will be activated in 2hours.”

Oh..ok.. After went back home .. still no SMS.. no nothing.
the next morning decided to call “100” and asked..
“oh.. there is no registration under your name for broadband service.”
.. then explained ” is the one online using the phone ..not USB device or whatsoever”
“Oh.. that one is Celcom Blackberry.. let me check again”…”yes..your Celcom Blackberry had been activated since yesterday evening ”

“No SMS ?? no notification ?” ..
“No.. we just send SMS for those limited period broadband like daily / weekly ..
that had expiring date/time..for monthly service only bill will arrived.”


fiddling with the phone for a while to get “Mobile data/internet” online..

APN : celcom3g
Proxy : not needed actually.. !

let’s see the speed..

ok.. let’s see my client office (internal LAN ~ normal user ) net speed.

Now.. let’s my home streamyx speed over a DLINK wifi..

still not satisfied ?
see the log of attempt and recorded speed..

I guess while am on-the-road the net speed might not be so critical as long as am able to get in and fix thing.
which usually over the SSH. if needed something more than that , I might as well as hook up my laptop and online over tethering lah..
(which can still trigger another daily broadband for unlimited speed for a day!)
p/s : .. now realized.. did my decision to get Unify is actually a mistake?