Have you ever face a problem when things seem goes beyond control.
and everything seem so damn out of control..
it would as nothing come right on the way your ever imagined and wanted it to be..

Oh well , don’t fret .. it could be not adventurous as it may at the moment..
it may look very dull but what the heck its actually make thing more interesting in our life.
What we might need is just a little step backward and look again upon ourselves.
what could possibly gone wrong before everything else go wrong at first.

if null.. then we would not need to hesitate to state out loud that is not our fault at all ..
hahaha.. but yes.. you’ll missed the opportunity to reflect and correct yourself .
anyway… it doesn’t we can’t just give in always..

there are time when we just need a “freaking” one-sec break ..
amazingly .. this is the break is that we needed most..

guess what?
we could possibly re-charged and able to carry on our duty
with full capacity yet again.. ! YAY!

that’s when we’re fully charged…

p/s : .. time to move forward .. guys!