Start with seeing something like this..
samsung again

until the view such as this one…
klcc from side-walk corridor

and start taking picture like this..

the what..water

it took me about 45minute to start and stop at this spot..
without buying anything and to my surprise not even stopped by any of telco salesman/girl ..

only took one short quiz at Intel booth consist of
3 question as below:

1. What is the latest processor from Intel ?
a. Intel Centrino
b. Intel® Core™ i7

2. Do Intel® Core™ i7 suitable for high-end notebooks?
a. True
b. False

3. … err can’t recall.. due to bad memory. hehe

got all correct .. and received this gift..

pc-guru notebook

more info :
p/s : you may view the unsorted pic at the ..
except been caught in the heavy rain.. the rest is nothing much to talk about..