Reading campaign have been launched by National Library of Malaysia.
I can see a lot of banner at the library itself, but hardly seen anywhere else.
May I should put it up at my blog also .. hehe :)

Well, here is the banner .

the URL given is at here.

( one comment : the website look a bit childish.. hahahaha )

During my patronage at National Library, I can’t help but to notice that :

1. Books at the main library hall is sometime quite new and up to date. (+1)
2. While books at the “loan” section located at “Wisma Sejarah” is a bit out-dated (-1).
3. There are a lot fictions book at the “Wisma Sejarah”. Could be useful for those like to read this kind of book.(+1)
4. There are section at the level-3 for “overseas” or “foreign” news paper and magazine. At which I can find
“Herald Biz review” and also “New York Times”.. (of course got few day lag/delay lah..) (+1)
5. At the ground floor there are PCs i think.. but without chair.. so
only got kid playing game. hardly any adult nearby.. :) ( no comment )
6. the power adapter for laptop is charged at RM8. per socket ?? ( yet no wifi.. *sigh*)
7. the canteen in front of “kids library” is kinda nice.. but a bit crowded during lunch time..
8. parking lot is almost full most of the time due to construction..
and got banner saying/suggesting us to “take public transport BUS rapid KL NO : B114. or taxi”..
this part can’t help but to notice that rapid KL had restructured their ‘fare plan’…

now need to pay “RM 1.90” per “one-way-route”.. no return trip.. no 2nd,3rd.. unlimited trip like before .. *sigh*
and this “RM 1.90” is varied depend on which zone to take.. A,B,C,D…

Hmm.. that’s kinda a long list already lah…. !!

let’s get to MPH/Kinokuniya or just read “Google reader” instead..

p/s : reading is learning from someone else experience……