Having a great A-Team is one of essential item to be successful in your career and also for the company.

And in order to achieve this, the company have to do a lot of hiring and also firing process.

During the process of finding the right candidate, we have to believe our gut and filter out the bad guys from joining the team.

For whatever reason, if your guts doesn’t feel right about a candidate.
Most likely it is a correct decision to not getting him/her onboard.


Yes, nowadays, we can search on social media for any hint about the candidate right before the interview is even being scheduled.

And one of the right thing the job agency doing right, is doing their due diligence before even suggesting a new candidate for hiring.

Because, believe it or not, it will affect everyone else in the process.

including your team, your boss and also your other colleague.


by the way. we got an opening for “senior PHP programmer”.
Drop me an email or comment below if you’re interested. :)