I was attending “Kursus Kahwin” on 5-6 December 2009..
at “http://www.kursusperkahwinan.net“.. i think is managed by Mahligai Firdaus Enterprise..


the module is quite compact and impressive..
I don’t know if this have been changed a lot since the 2002.
the one I attended was “2nd Edition” of “Modul Bersepadu Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan Islam” .. ( Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia )


.. the class was something like this..

the last song.. before the class ended..

among other thing that I remember after the kursus was :

“Tanggungjawab Suami terhadap isteri:”

1. “Memberi nafkah zahir & batin”

.. “dan menyediakan yg dibawah : ”
1. Tempat Tinggal – (place to stay ?)
is not just sending “duit sewa rumah”.. but a place..

2. Makan-minum –
is not just “makanan”.. but got to get up “makan and minum”… woohoo..
some was saying.. got up to whatever we had for lunch.. “wifey” also shall get the same..

3. Pakaian –
.. is not just provide “money” for her so that …
“Ok.. go shopping .. and get cloth for yourself “.

4. Keselamatan –
( lead a life at which would make her safe in world at large and also the afterworld .. Hmmmm.. )

then was added another one..

any of these shall able to drag a man to hell if not properly advised and guided by YOU!..

1. Isteri

2. ibu – jika kematian ayah.

3. adik perempuan – jika belum berkahwin

4. kakak perempuan – jika suami nya tiada

5. anak perempuan – selagi belum bersuami

… and isteri would just have to :

“OBEY whatever the husband asked/prohibited unless it is something against the God laws..”

p/s : … the kursus was filled with a lot of useful guidance, jokes and advices … :)
.. and also had learned a LOT from this event..

p p/s : .. my first response to my partner after the “kursus” had ended.. ( as we had sit/participate/listen/laugh together during the ‘kursus’ )

“Err.. how to cope ah.. with so many responsibility off my shoulder… ?”