Enabling Intel Virtual Technology in Z470 Lenovo

Well, I just downloaded the Virtualbox for the project testing purpose.

By right, at my current position I should not need to touch any of the source code anymore,
however, that’s might not be that ideal if I were ended up in the remote site with no other developer available at site.
So, is a good idea to have at least the snapshot of working system on VM.

Recently, our product being upgraded to support 64-bit environment, and this cause some issue with the virtualization OS
if not properly configured and tuned to get it run.

Enough of rambling.. let’s get real.

For Ideapad Lenovo Z470, if you have problem to start VM for x86_64 OS ..
check your BIOS setting ..

Go to -> Configuration ..

Enable the “Intel Virtual Technology”..

reboot the host OS and you should be able to use VT properly and simulate x86_64 successfully .. :)

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