Cerita Hari Raya 2018

On the first day Raya this year.
One makcik came and visit us ..

after salam.. she begin with…

“Oh.. pakcik Loh at cabang tiga has passed away on the eve of raya”

he passed away after maghrib prayer..

at his home..

while being surrounded by all his kids , grandchildren..

and many great grandchildren..

who has got back for hari raya holiday..

and this year Raya is on Friday.. *penghulu segala hari*

Arwah selamat disemadikan  jam 11mlm yang sama.

which is barely about 2-3 hours. everything settled. no waiting .. no delay.

his age was 97years old. the oldest in the village. and the news spead very fast.
it is the last day of ramadhan.. the eve of syawal.. and it’s friday night..
.. passed away peacefully with all his loved ones by his side.
al-fatihah. ~

And this is the parting question from the makcik …

“bahagian dia sudah selesai… bahagian kita nanti pula bagaimana ?”


Namran Hussin: a soft spoken guy... with exceptional interest in computers and technology. I love to learn new thing and also love to break thing for the sake of learning.. but I do abide to the self-imposed limitation or certain thing such as social thing in life, thing can be done and thing that must be avoided at whatever cost such as drug,illegal tracking, smoke,illicit activity..etc.muahahaha let's share what we had in this short term of the life.! make it worth of the living.~
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