Banking experience while abroad – Saudi Arabia

The useful experience with our malaysian banking facility had been challenged during our visit at Makkah.

At some point , we had to withdraw some huge money for air ticket.
And we had not enough cash at hand ..
so, we tried following approach ..

BSN (Bank Simpanan Nasional) withdrawal via VISA.
My trip partner said he got to BSN branch before the visit and asked the counter to activated his VISA
for usage while travelling overseas.
After three different ATM machines, still no luck..
So , he decided, let’s call BSN and ask the status…

“Oh.. encik kena datang bank isi form dulu baru boleh pakai VISA tu di oversea.”

“Tapi hari tu saya dah datang ke bank, staff sana cakap dah automatik activated,tak perlu buat apa2”

“Oh.. tu salah info tu encik. ”

“So, macam mana, saya kat Saudi Arabia nie, macam nak keluarkan duit guna ATM kat sini ?”

“encik buka BSN online, download form online pastu isi, pastu email semula ke bank”.

Hmm.. out in the middle of the desert.. where got PC ?
so.. use my Nexus One , opened up

spent few minute looking for the form:

Found on “Forms” / “Borang Pengaktifan/Pembatalan VISA”
or here :

Oh.. it’s PDF, luckily my “Office” can open..
but cannot edit..
1.need to print..
2.fill in..
3. scan..
4.and attach.. send via email?

first.. where to find printer out of no where ?
** complete showstopper!!

and this is what called “ONLINE” form by BSN ?

1. NO “php/aspx/jsp/html” online form
2. NO over the phone verification
3. NO pdf editable/fillable form.

… speechless.. as only got 1 day more to go to confirm the return flight.

So, let’s try my MAYBANK..
called the customer services..

explained the situation,currently at Saudi Arabia and needed to withdraw money while abroad.
here got VISA ATM , yes Al-Rajhi bank got VISA link.

Maybank : “Ok.let me check,please tell me the number on your MAYBANK card”
me :.. read out loud the number.
Maybank : “Ok.now let’s verify your account,give me your current address .. ”
me : .. read out the address.. ‘confused between office address or home address’
Maybank :”now tell which branch are did you opened your maybank”
me : .. err.. somewhere in Penang.. can’t remember exactly
Maybank : “Ok.nak aktifkan VISA nie for lifetime or for certain period only?”
me:”make it forever.”
Maybank :”done.. dah aktif.”
me:”so,dah boleh guna utk withdraw sekarang ?”
Maybank :”Ya. ada apa-apa lagi yang boleh saya bantu?.”
me:”tidak, itu sahaja, terima kasih”
Maybank :”Terima kasih kerana menghubungi Maybank”.

.. completed within less 3minutes or so.

Done… then login to http://www.maybank2u .com.my via HSDPA connection on my Nexus One.
, transferred the money over to my account, waiting for TAC,ammount confirmed, checked mine.

get to ATM again,withdraw from Al-Rajhi Bank ATM,the currency is Saudi Arabia Riyal(SAR).
later only found out from the maybank transaction log,
SAR3000 is equal to RM2500+ only.
plus service charge by VISA is RM12 per transaction.

So, next time , either bring enough cash.
Or call bank before leaving the countries..
same goes to credit card.. which is a bit better experience..

p/s : .. i reserve my comment on which bank is so good whatsoever..
but honestly , in such situation, you wouldn’t opted to withdraw money while oversea
unless really necessary.. so options are :
1. make thing worse (add difficulties) than it is.
2. ease the thing a bit by requesting “sufficient enough security clearance” in that sense.

on the side note:
yes, Al-Rajhi bank ATM card which is issued in malaysia can be used there too..

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