Freakin’ awesome ~ “I do NOT owned by Google”

Well, if we were to ask everybody that online today, more than 60% of them might tight to “Google” or at least use one of google product.
Either the search engine, email, sites and any of other various product provided by Google.

But have you realize, most of the data that have been put online are under “Google” ownership unless it GPL’ed or licensed under creative common.
Let’s if one day google ever decided to put an end to blogger.com (one of Google services product),
what would think of the user data that has been hosted there ?

some might answer.. “Oh.. Google is a big company.. ” .. “it never had such intention.. ”
“its not going to happen.”..

and what if “something like this” were to happen ?

Impossible ?

Helloo… can you please take a look at what is happening to geocities.com that were used to be providing Free WebHosting..
How it got bought by big company such as Yahoo.. and yet got discontinued few days back ??

If still can’t get the idea , just read this post and try replacing the word “Yahoo” with “Google”..

Back to Google..
Yes.. in this short lifetime, we might not be seeing Google to say “get off” to their user..
( if we are lucky enough to survive another round of economic hit ).
But , have you ever consider.. having Google account been suspended for whatever reason?
and all your data would be inaccessible up to certain level ..

how well prepared are we ..?

like what been said by this videos.. ( view with YOUR own discretion ) .

again… this is not something that i am against the “Cloud Computing”..
But really , when come to think about it..
to have data hosted and used at the “cloud”
and having it off-load to some local backup is perfectly nice.
but to have depending 100% to the “cloud”. .. is really NOT a good idea.
is NOT under any of TOC to say , any of them will protect/safeguard YOUR data..
( point it to me if you can find one.. ).

It is YOUR data , is YOUR responsibility to protect/safeguard it ..if it important to you anyway.. hahahaa
unless we are posting crap to those .. nothing valuable.. Hmm.. then i rest my case lah..

and how the online news media had fast-forward spread this without further delay.. as per here..

p/s : just think bout it.. before you ever start to jump like above dramas…

Namran Hussin:
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