Overdraft facility talk at bijak wang tv3

Overdraft facility are offered by certain bank in Malaysia.
Some got “Islamic” scheme for this also .. if not mistaken is Maybank ?

Ok.. there are some useful slide from the show .
Hope will shed some light for us.
Feel free to add yours..

Ape itu overdraf?

somehow the panel keep telling that OD is a “bad thing”.. if not properly managed..
at times where i wasn’t so agree with him.. :)

.. highlighting on how the OD had caused problem and suffering instead of better explaining OD as one of powerful
financial instrument .. and keep repeating it till the end..

“.. jangan disalahgunakan kemudahan overdraf .. bla..bla..”

“.. membeli sesuatu yang tidak perlu seperti untuk membiayai renovation rumah.. bla..bla..”

“hutang tetap hutang .. Overdraf perlu dijelaskan selepas masa yang ditetapkan.. dan jugak interest yang perlu di servis pada setiap bulan”
I think that is because he is againts the idea of
“berHutang untuk melabur”..
which is right for the “hutang”.. adalah diharuskan hanya untuk perkara2 yg perlu sahaja.. :)

Hmm.. not even highlight the fact that the rate for Overdraft is “5.55% +BLR” .. which is way much cheaper than
the credit card *~18% .. personal loan ~ 10% ..

yes..correct.. it is suggesting for the one who are using it for business..
until this interviewer came out and stating ..

“credit card is on 20days loan without interest.. so bayar penuh pada hari ke-20 anda tidak akan dikenakan interest langsung.”

katanya lagi “harga emas naik setiap tahun.. jika emas ini (yg dibeli dengan duit overdraf) dijual semula selepas setahun..
nilai naik bagi emas tersebut adalah mencukupi untuk
membayar balik interest pada Overdraf… ”

then the girl saying ..
“Overdraft adalah berkenaan pengurusan masa dan jumlah wang yang perlu dibayar pada waktu yang tertentu ”
at which I was agree with her.. :)

the key is :

” Discipline ”
which is shown by the businessman by his logbook as below :

tip penggunaan overdraf :

.. and that’s all about “Overdraft Facility”…

then the show was responding to an email.. regarding a guy want to buy a car with price tag of 55k..

wang masuk .. wang keluar.. nisbah hutang..bla..bla.. completely unrelated to OD.. hahaha

p/s : .. it is a tool/ instrument .. same thing as using a knife to properly cook a thing..
or .. do bad thing like killing ownself.. :)
.. but why is not saying “knife is sharp! make use of it.. ”
still can’t understand .. truly.. hehehe..

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