slow internet access for the whole day..

cvs commit also took loonger than ever.

too frustrating…

and plus the heavy rain after office hour then added by 2 hour to arrive home from office..

which is less than 60 km..

what a day…~


see the screenshot of downloading.. the file.. this one sure can be as slow as Jaring dial-up on a year of 1996.

(the early days of internet access available for me in Kelantan .. RM 7 per hour..if i recall correctly.)

at CC every computer connected to its own modem and phone line.. and each time dial up..separately ..

side by side computer also got 2 phone line and it own ip address .. and yet to play network game via the internet..

hooohohoo.. the famous game at the moment was Quake II . … dang.. and I was at Form 2 or Form 3.. preparing for PMR.