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Touch N Go – rapidKL Cashless or Helpless?

The bus services under RapidKL has been using Touch N Go , cashless method.

You can longer use cash to ride the bus.

Previously the fare was RM1 for local route.

There is no problem with that provided you have always bring along your Touch N Go.

Heck, you can even used your Identification Card (IC), which also have Touch N Go service enabled.


one problem tough… with touch N Go,

you have to make sure your remaining balance is more than RM3.00

Otherwise you may not able to use the services at all. Even LRT also can’t ride whenever your balance is below RM3.00 , doesn’t matter if your have activated My100 or My50, the balance still need to be more than RM3.00  before you can use the services.


Hmm, one thing about this that annoyed me so much was. it is also HELPLESS, when you’re running low on balance. the person next to you can’t just pull out RM3 and give it to you anymore.

I saw one incident where a lady, when tapping her touch n Go to the reader, it had “Baki anda tidak mencukupi”.

then she pulled up her phone, opening the Touch n Go apps, clearly can see her Touch n Go wallet had a balance of RM 11.00 , which is enough to cover the ride expense.

However, the interesting part is, one cannot transfer this balance to the actual Touch N Go card.. after a while, she just step down and disembark the bus.

this Touch N Go for rapidKL DOES NOT YET support seamless link between touch N go wallet and its physical card.

only certain tolls (NKVE also cannot use yet) may have this capabilities at this moment. Yes,I think they called as “PayDirect”, where as you can see the big banner above the toll plaza wherever this is available. It will attempt to charge from your Touch N Go wallet first, if that failed/insufficient fund, then it will deduct from physical card Touch N Go. But you have to “link” your physical card to the wallet first. It is supported up to 3 physical touch N Go card.

But one cannot even transfer anything neither between these cards nor to/from wallet account.


Weird, it is not like a starbuck card where one can use the physical card or QR code on the apps to pay or reload, which sit in the very same account. and can be used at any starbuck store without needing to transfer here and there.

Touch N Go, .. well. I rest my case.


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