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Clearing Brontok infected hardisk

On one of our Windows XP SP2 machine.. running on VMware though..

it got infected by the brontok ..

reinstalled windows xp on new hardisk .. attached the previous hardisk as another “Disk”
.. well it is virtual .. so kinda rich a bit.. hahaha.. simply add new hardisk without any major $$$ to be forked out first.
update the machine with latest patch .. service pack and whatsoever..

in case system did not boot up properly after an update..
try the “system restore” ..

and back to original one..

then to fix the other disk..

search for the free antivirus..
found this one..


after install…enable on boot full scan.. (rebooting also not costly at all.. nobody cares anyway..)

cleaning up with free antivirus..

then.. back to work..

p/s : VMware player is free can play windows xp image(vmware) without any cost at all..

Namran Hussin:
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