I am Namran Hussin , A simple programmer that is trying to make a living.

My academic background so far :

  • MSc in Computer Science from UiTM,Shah Alam,Selangor. (2016)
  • BSc in AeroSpace Engineering from USM,Engineering Campus,Penang. (2005)

My current position(s) :

Programmer with passion in linux, webservices and cloud computing platform.

I am old already…hahaha

love to learn new thing.. obtain new knowledge is my hobby.. :)

Having working experience ..

1 year with Astronautic Technology Sdn Bhd  as System Engineer..

for Tsunami Early Warning project..

mainly maintain the communication link..


I had more than 5 years experiences with Techsense Solutions Sdn Bhd.. as Software Engineer..

develop various system for Meteorological based solutions..
namely :

i. Central Collection Centre (CCC) — RDBMS Database project.

ii. Lightning Risk & Mitigation Alert System (KILAT) — Realtime alert.

iii. Geographical – Real-Time Display Applet (GeoRTD) — Java Development. based on GeoServer (WMS)

iv. Aqusition engine (AQsense) features  for binary query ( AQquery ) –  C++ Development.  implemented under
embedded system .. ARMS .

Familiar with these development language :

  1. HTML.

  2. PHP

  3. MySQL.

  4. PostgreSQL

  5. Perl

  6. C++

  7. Bash scripting .

    and bit of ..
    Python … Perl-Tk… TCL-tk.. ASP .. aspx…

and based on these operating sytem..
CentOS4 – RHEL4 equivalent..

Windows 2000.

also Windows XP..

and bit of working experience with…
Sun Solaris 8… SPARC ..

And started my own company in 2011, that was about ago.

And managed to incorporate it by 2014.
From that time, there is a lot of ups and downs.

Should you have any leads or possible task that I can help you with.
Feel free to contact us at info @ imrs.com.my

Or visit our company website at

Thank you for stopping by.