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11 Tips for brain health in long term

so, finally I finished reading this book.I would like to share my viewpoint on what to expect from this book.

  1. Ok, in the beginning, I got so excited and managed to read almost every single word in the introduction sections.
    Somehow Dr Daniel Amen highlighted the crucial thing that I might have missed in the past.
    Its mainly about the brain, how we should have protect it from any kind of possible injury or toxic.
    Dr Amen goes into a very great detail on laying out the importance and how significant the healthy brains for each of us.

The example given in the introduction is very easy to understand because it is logical. We are given just one set of body and all are managed by the brain. if the brain doesn’t ing well, our whole life is affected.

After the introduction part is done.
We dive into the mnemonic of the component itself.
The mnemonic of every component to be covered in this book is as below :

1. B – for blood flow, because the brain shared the same blood with the rest of our organs. it will be sharing the effect and all the relevant issues together.
2. R – for retirement or aging.
3. I – for inflammation. (internal fire)
4. G – for genetic
5. H – for head trauma.
6. T – for toxins, stop putting in toxins into your body.

7. M – for mental health
8. I – for immunity or infection issues.
9. N – for neuro hormone deficiency
10. D – for diabesity or dinasour
11. S – for sleep. get enough of it for your cell to be regenerated.

then at the end of this book there is 1,000 citation for medical journal from various source.

However, for major take out, it was the list of thing that we can perform now that will support for a healthy brain. Some supplement that can be easily obtain from the market to help counter for the lack of healthy diet.
And of course to take care of our hygiene.. especially gums..
And perform physical exercise regularly, or at least twice a week, one of upper part the body and another one session for lower part.
or simply just walk faster as if you’re late..

and strictly no marijuana !

Namran Hussin: a soft spoken guy... with exceptional interest in computers and technology. I love to learn new thing and also love to break thing for the sake of learning.. but I do abide to the self-imposed limitation or certain thing such as social thing in life, thing can be done and thing that must be avoided at whatever cost such as drug,illegal tracking, smoke,illicit activity..etc.muahahaha let's share what we had in this short term of the life.! make it worth of the living.~
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