At the moment , it seems that everybody can publish their own opinion anywhere.
Regardless of the value it may perceive, some got into our stream of information even if
it is completely rubbish or “junk”.
We are not only dealing with SPAM in our email’s inbox or something similar.
As one of my friend told me few year back.. the flyer on the windscreen after a Friday prayer.
Also categorized as SPAM. :)
and what we do to SPAM ? simply ignore and move it to trash..
unless there is something worth killing our own precious time.
And today.. it become worst.. simply turning off the mainstream TV broadcast wouldn’t that
effective anymore.. the junk seem to also arrived our territory via Facebook..
whatapps.. telegram.. kakao talk.. messenger.. and what’s NOT.
We need more than normal filter.. to properly sanitize the information received.

The following equation still valid “Garbage in, garbage out ..”
whatever we put into our mind.. whether consciously or unconsciously .
Will eventually yield something.. to some degree.
And we know the brain is the most important organ in our physical body..
because it host the MIND behind it..
if you’re NOT making effort to protect it with healthy stuff.
Then, I would rest my case ! period.