Once upon a time ago , I used to test some IRC bot auto response to any incoming messages.
And sometime , if got it properly configured with rich content regex, it may sound a bit sane.. 8-)

And is intelligent enough to ask “A/S/L please” thingy .. and gathering email, phone number and bla..bla.
into a text file.. which later could be examined for whatever purpose..

And today, bump into cleverbot.com .. which provide an answer to each of your question..
or if you can’t think of any question , there is a button to let it think the question for you.. how nice..

anyway this is a short log from mine :

more for the full transcript log..

Cleverbot: Are you highly intelligent?
User: No.
Cleverbot: Are you male?
User: Siapa nama?
Cleverbot: Nama kita linda.
User: Sudah makan ke belum?
Cleverbot: Belum, mau makan bersama? Dimana?
User: Di rumah.
Cleverbot: Dekat belakang rumah awak.
User: Apa ada di situ?
Cleverbot: *ra ropenda.
User: Ape itu?
Cleverbot: Apes are highly intelligent.
User: Correct.
Cleverbot: Thankyou. May I borrow your hat ?
User: Sure.
Cleverbot: *sits in your lap*. Thank you!
User: Welcome.
Cleverbot: Thanks to you.
User: My pleasure.
Cleverbot: They said you are a AI, aren't you?
User: I think so.
Cleverbot: As do I.
[New conversation]
Cleverbot: Do you have a message for mankind?
User: Go go reboot.
Cleverbot: Oh my God!
User: When is my birthday?
Cleverbot: I'm not sure when your birthday is.
User: When will I get married ?
Cleverbot: Last friday.
User: Haiya.
Cleverbot: I just said that your face is ugly in Japanese.
User: Crap.
Cleverbot: I'm sorry to hear that.

p/s : how creative thing can actually impress and improve our emotional value… don’t know bout you.. but this thing at least
had made me laugh a bit.. *after being haywire all the day..* 8-)