In development environment you might want to test the integration between your code and some endpoint of the AWS services.

To minimise the cost, you might want to find a cheaper alternative instead of setting up the full set of the production infrastructure (copy) just for the development purpose.
(Well, if the cost is not an issue for you, then may be you not to read the remaining part.8-))

Firstly, there is a mock docker images for most the useful AWS services.
It is from localstack/localstack (github (localstack)

For a starter, if you just want to have docker-compose and start everything.
just copy its docker-compose.yaml into a folder.

version: "2"
      image: localstack/localstack
        - 4567-4584:4567-4584
        - 8080:8080
        - DATA_DIR=/tmp/localstack/data
        - ./localstack:/tmp/localstack

then do a docker-compose up

docker-compose up

it should be able to pull and fetch all the necessary image to complete.
Once done, it will be ready to use.

Once done, by default there is a Web UI running at port 8080,
but I’m not sure as nothing else come out, except the following empty page,
asking to get to localstack pro instead.

Then, I dig around and found the following useful package UI for the dashboard.
The Commandeer. (

It give me some UI to access/create my local AWS services such as S3 bucket, SQS, SNS, etc.

and also the some overview about the other infra like docker container list itself.