After months of lock down in Kuala Lumpur due to COVID-19 movement control order (MCO)

The situation of daily infection still on the rise.

It actually goes up compared to before the lockdown.

And because of the lockdown, most of us are staying home and continue working from home whenever possible.

But there are still essential services that are allowed to go to work.

And to support that, everyone is also affected.

No more trips to the beach.

No more trips to recreation areas with kids.

Some healthcare workers are experiencing a higher workload compared to before the crisis.

Not all immediate family members for these front liners are fully vaccinated yet.

Priorities between family time and working stuff are now mixed up.

No work, no money to put food table for families.

Work from home sometimes the boundary are blurred a bit.

anyway, you still got to survive one after another wave from time to time.

Goodluck Malaysian.

take care!