Once upon a time ago, there is a boy who is always been actively looking for new thing.
He loves to experiment with new thing,and felt satisfied whenever he able to understand
about the new thing.
Doesn’t matter if that would cost him to be “grounded” later.
I.e Not allowed to play into the greenish grass-field for about a week.

That boy have nothing to lose, and he tend to be friend with someone or a group
of older boy rather the one at his own age.
He doesn’t care about the peer pressure as he doesn’t have ones.

He love to play a lot, and love to mix with senior people too.
And guess what, he can always easily meet the senior people every single day
as they’re going at one of his favourite spot every day — the mosque.
The elders would love to give “ceramah” about everything.
He just been there and listen.sometimes there are moment , he couldn’t understand a thing.
Which later he will profusely demand for explanation from either his father or his mom.
There are also time, both of would also ended up answering as
“later , when you grow up you will definitely undertand why those thing are like that”.
Especially whenever the given explanation doesn’t make any sense to him,
and he start making a lot of question.

He then start knowing, thing that is expected as “ideal” is not the case in the real-world.
Once he learnt how read, he started borrowing books from library and read all about the history.
Including the life of the Prophet, the “Sirah” of every single battle that is known to him.

One day, out of so many story he read, he choose to understand and rehearse the public talk with
“Sirah of Nabi Daud”. For one particular reason, Prophet Daud (p.b.u.h) is fighting with the ruler at
the age of 8 or 10. And he managed to kill Jalut with rotating stone.. was because Jalut is underestimating
his power and his will.

For what that matter, he win his first competition by defeating the 3 years experienced candidate for the first time.
and the rest become history. The prize is a big tupperware at which he gave that to his mom.
And little did he knows, after that event a lot thing become under some sort of highlight.
Bigger expectation, more competition, more challenge.. that made him more excited and strive hard for
better …regardless of how hopeless it may look for the others.

p/s : sometimes , history repeat by itself.. just observe and listen to the history.

Image taken from : http://www.perdana.org.my/emagazine/2010/11/the-sun-history-not-just-glory-of-the-past/