Normally one would think the following is appropriate.

Happiness = You + Money + Job + etc

While , the truth is .

Happiness = You

the rest of this is just the enviroment or whole set of the pond.

You actually DOESN’t EVEN need any particular reason to be happy or to be sad.

It’s solely yours..

Your time , you yourself is the biggest gift / assest .

Doubt ? how about the following ..

how much would you like to trade your left eye for ?

.. how much would you like to trade for your arm ?

it’s a gift.. and its priceles.

Same goes to your time..

any waste in the world can be recycled except our WASTED TIME.

The good one learn from the own mistakes .. while the brilliant one learn from other’s mistakes.
but the one who keep repeating the same mistakes again and again… ~ *sigh*

p/s : so, am I wasting my time for being here today ?