There are times when we tend to prefer the past.. or appreciating the previous happy moment that we had.

Time when have something or with someone , or group of people in the past.

But that was the past.. we call it the memory ..

Then, at the other time we also look forward for the better condition in future.
Like having something that not yet under our possession or to be someone or group of people.
Be it future wife. future kids.. future supercars or whatever toy that we want..
we named it as the dream ..

However, there is another one that we somehow missed out to appreciate and realize it values is
the time NOW..
at this very moment..
how much money we have..
how much time we have..
whoever we have to spent time with at this moment..
that would be never come again in the future.
this REAL current time and situation only happening at this point of time..

that’s call a PRESENT .. or also equivalent as a gift .

this TIME itself is already a gift..
we don’t know what will happened tomorrow or next day..
but what we have now is what have now.
appreciate it.. enjoy it .. live with it.
love the moment ..

live life to the fullest.. which mean.. live the life the we are having now.
good or bad day.. is still a present .
whatever we’ve planned for future .. not necessary to wait until then to be happy.
or rather waiting until then to perform whatever to make you happy..

for example…

wanted more money so that ONLY can set aside some money for charity..
some money for family .. some money for parent..
having some vacation with family ..
some for ownself or whatsoever..
the question is what is stopping you to do all above by NOW?

with whatever amount of money that we have now..
we can still put aside some amount to be sent to charity .. family .. parent ..
spend for ownself.. having nice time with family ..

yes of course..
the main thing could be the money ..
but one could also realize that the TIME is also one of the biggest asset..
for example :
we are working really hard to earn a lot of money ..
waste no time to do anything else..
as time goes by will eventually having a lot of money
but the age by then is 90 years old already..
would it be really wonderful by then ?

and compare that scenario to whatever we are having NOW..
having the fun now..
being happy the life NOW rather waiting next 30 years to be happy.
really treating and accepting everything that we’re having NOW as a gift..
and say “Thank You”.. or would be better with “Alhamdulillah”.

I think is wiser to learn to appreciate the life NOW and
fully utilized whatever we are having now rather being waiting until tomorrow..

some said the key is “give more to get more..” :)
but i think is ..”learning to accept all the gift and more would be coming later.”