Well, we all have been there where we are supposed has learnt something useful every single day.

I intend to keep going and learn something new from day to day.


When I was attending my graduation ceremony for my master , the speech there was encouraging me to pursue my learning journey.

And didn’t stopped just at my current stage.


Well, I didn’t stopped since then.

And I just read quite a couple of books and made commitment to myself to set aside some budget to buy some new book every single month. And recently I changed to use Amazon Kindle to read my online book.


When I looked back, somehow I didn’t quite remember what have I learned so far.

Maybe was because of getting older :) .

Or more likely because too many thing to be handled at this moment.


So, I thought I should start writing some notes each time I read the book.

Oh, by the way, I started something while studying for my master.

Which is msc.namran.com , where I dumped everything from the lecture the experience, the exam ..

Every single week I put up a post there to capture what were the lesson about so that I can refer to it upon approaching the final exam.

And I made it private instead of public one. Of course I didn’t spent much time to develop it, and just used default wordpress installation and themes. Without thinking, I put it under the Virtual Private server,(VPS) somewhere in europe. it was cheap and also because it was the one available at the time. Which I used it for just Virtual Private Network,(VPN) and kind of under-utilized except it exist just to route my traffic when I was accessing netflix stream, that is not yet served for my region at that particular time.


Apparently that is a terrible decision, the VPS is crashing due to some O/S issue, and failed to boot-up.

I think some grub command line not compatible after an upgrade or something.

So, force rebooting it ended up with un-bootable system.

Trying to contact support at that moment just beyond reach. Remember it was cheap and easy VPS.

Non-manageable support.. just click the force reboot… nothing fixed.

Then desperately I just hit, re-init O/S .. from fresh installation. :)

.. and that’s it!

Everything on the / is gone, for the server setup.. I managed to restore it quickly without any hassle.

But for the content, because I didn’t split the storage from the O/S or Mysql data. I couldn’t recover it.

hahahaha. Serve me right.

And because it was private blog, none of its page are available in google cache or elsewhere..

So I have to deal with the data loss for msc.namran.com ~ forever.

didn’t re-attempt to revive it at all.


So, my lesson learnt from this one was, never put up storage data same as ‘/’ root for the O/S for whatever reason.

Fast forward to today… when I use amazon EC2 to setup with its “Reserve Instance” , I always ensured to pay extra for separate storage for the stuff I called “created content”.  Which is just an additional permanent EBS attached to this EC2.

This storage is separated from what come together with this EC2… mount as “/data”

and it cost me extra USD 4.00 each month .. on top of what  the “Reserved Instance” discounted charges that was paid up-front yearly.

so… with that taken care of for almost 2 years now.


I was thinking to re-start this core-dump storage again.

so , I setup a new one with datakl cpanel [affiliate link] this time…
with separated MySQL storage and weekly backup.


https://books.namran.com [it is a books reviews blog]

and now I made it as public blog, and will be indexed and cached into Google every single one of them .!


Feel free to browse around, and let me know your comments and suggestion.

p/s: hope I learned something better today ! :)