I am going talk about some finance in this post, not because I’m the expert in this area…

But because it affect a lot of thing in my life. And I guess it would be the same for you too.


There are some mistake that took years to be rectified.
And the most costly one are from the financial mis-step.

At some point we believe whatever we are buying at that particular moment is the best for money item.

But it turned out to be not the best one..


One example is how we are saving some pennies from buying an apps,

which may cost just about RM 4 – RM 10 or  something priced at is USD 1.00 – USD 1.99

We thought when didn’t buy and opted for the FREE one with ads.. it would save us some money.

But, you can try calculate how much ads have been appeared on the device from we we started using the app.

the non-stop advertising every few minutes .. :) total it up , you just wasted much more time and data cost for that piece of saving.


Another one is about doing small and trivial task but repetitive task again and again.

We could just opted to use an outsource services and pay them some money to perform it for us.

Yet, we decided to do it by ourselves…

then you can try to calculate how much is your hourly rate and

compare it against the reasonable asking price if we are hiring the right person just to complete it.

In long run it would be cheaper to pay the right resource to do it.

and FREE your own time to do something else that have much more significant impact for yourself and your future.

For example is picking up and reading the management books ! hahaha :)


I love the example of hiring a DJ to select and choose the song for your playlist.

Rather than going through thousand of songs and pick one. Just let the DJ do their job.

So, at the end of the day, whatever hit your ears it already being filtered or at least it was picked up earlier.


Oh, by the way, regarding online stream music, for this one Spotify is charging RM 14 ~ USD 3-4 each month to do it automatically for me.

Mind you, even if you opted for “Apple Music” store, it would also charging the same amount .. ;)

On the side note, the government of the day for Malaysia will be starting charging tax for this three foreign online services somewhere next year.

Netflix .. Spotify.. and also Steam ! hahaha ~ I’m using 2 out of 3 from this list. :)

I am not sure if I could switch back to normal broadcast TV show.

Don’t get me wrong, I just can’t bear the advertisement and also the stereo-typed of

“popular” drama story line that it may be entertaining for the majority of  other people in here..

-> read “Isteri untuk disewa ~” (this one blow up my mind ! how could the producer and everyone else agreed on such title in the first place?)



Anyway, back to the topic, I feel it just seem like a backward strategy

if I decided to give up these services just based on tax being charged by the government of the day.

What if something else being taxed, should I switch them too ??

P/s : Maybe I just need to work my ass to get extra money and pay for “premium service”,

so that I can have the privilege to watch and consume a bit better quality content.

Ah, I will just do that for the coming years! 2019 !


how about you ?

Would you just stop using the premium service just that to avoid that “tax” .. ?
the percentage doesn’t matter, it just being there to induce some pain.

it exist as a mean to cause hurt to your pocket when you making that decision. :)

it is definitely a mind game nonetheless.