Here I will explain how to setup webserver with SSL using just cpanel and Let’s Encrypt.

Let’s say you want to setup a new domain

Firstly , ensure the domain is pointing to the cpanel server.
For example is as below. An A host for and also CNAME for


Once you have done that, let get into your cpanel and click the Let’s encrypt icon (under the Security module)

If the button is not there, you should ask from your cpanel provider.



Then the following should appears, you can now tick those domain to be included into this certificate.

After clicking the “Issue” button, the following will appear if the certificates is successfully created and installed.



You can now verify this at the SSL/TLS module, by using the following step.


As you can see under the certificate details, the let’s encrypt now appeared for the domain


After that, you can now use your browser and inspect the website certificates, it should appears as below:


That’s all for the setting up SSL using cpanel.

Hope that would help to ease.