“No man is an island”.

It just struck me quite few times that no matter how good you are, at one point you will still have to rely upon someone else.


Be it a society or community around you or it just another human being needed to be there for you.


I learned the hard way during my study period for my master.

At one point, I feel hopeless and not seeing the end of the tunnel at all.

Then one of my classmates sent a message to me, just to ask me about the assignment.

It just made me realized, despite all the setback, it just not the end yet.

Yes, sometimes I did failed to achieve the target that I set for myself.

But instead of letting it drowning me further, I just let it pass and call it a bad day.

Nothing going to be perfect all the time, but one didn’t have to abandon a journey just because one flat tyre while getting there.

So, seek help whenever you need it.

Or even better, build the network that know you gonna need them one day, way before the day you need it.


“No man is an island.”

Work this thing out together and have fun along the way.

Grow up, compete no one else but the best version of yourself.

Be better, starting today.