Today mark the first day of the new hijri year  ~ 1 Muharram 1440H.

I have been thinking about the new year resolution for quite some moment.

So, I decided to give up using facebook.

The news feed from there  seem inevitably to include a numerous numbers of “fake news” of “hatred content”.

Most of things got into my social media feeds are not being useful or informative at all.
i.e irrelevant
Or maybe I just used it wrongly .. hahaha!

So, I started looking for alternatives digital inputs.

I ended up trying to use “Amazon Kindle Unlimited” 1-month trial subscription.
I spent some of my free time to read a few free book from its digital contents services.

Here is how it look like today:


Guess what?
My “Kindle for Android” seem successfully fill-in for the “feel missing something”,

i.e the routine of reading stuff from my handphone. :)

One of the free book I got to read during the trial period was the summary for the following book :
“The subtle art of not giving a F***”

From there, I found there is 7 Billion people with 7 billion agendas, ~ irrelevant, but too many F*** is given.

Then I came across  the following stories :

If you were in any of the following situation :

Situation 1 :
Imagine you’re a mother of two child living in the slum area somewhere in Mumbai, India.
What’s on top of your mind would be how to get the next meal for your two kids so that they won’t starve.

Situation 2:
Imagine you’re a refugee who is trying to flee from your troubled origin.
You’re now in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, in some small boats with overcrowded passengers.
What’s on top of your mind is to search for the sight of  nearest shore. Sooner, the better.

Situation 3:
Imagine you’re admitted to the overcrowded hospital in California, USA.
But you’re having difficulties of breathing, time is crucial for you but resource are limited.
What’s on top of your mind is thinking on how to continue breathing for the next one.

Would you think those what you’re scrolling in facebook are still relevant?



Oh, if you need more reasoning why the content creation in facebook is not so beneficial in a long run, here are some:

1. if you’re creating content in your own website or blog. (i.e ) :)
either your life stories or tutorial or just expression of your thought.
you can always have a choice to monetize it with ads, either Adsense or any type of ads injection into content.
— for example you always’s putting up affiliate link to online store elsewhere like amazon or lazada.
because some of those prohibit you from posting such link into social media, but allowed to do anything on your own website.

2. if you’re creating videos content, either live broadcast of just set of tutorial.
And if those content are published in your own channel elsewhere (other than facebook) .
For example on your own youtube channel, you can opt to monetize the viewer attention by allowing the platform to put up some relevant ads into the content. On facebook you got nothing except exposure.

3. Oh, you’re collecting big number of followers on facebook page.
Great, but not all of your followers will be able to see your feed regularly.
Facebook will change its algorithm until at a point it is easier to just pay facebook to get your messages/content to all your followers.
Some genius said to couple that with email marketing funnel so that you can still connect with your followers via email should the facebook decided to change its algorithm again.
The alternative, you might as well start collecting your subscriber email on your own website to capture that email list from the beginning.
And treat facebook as just one of the channel to broadcast your content, but not to be relied upon to handle your own content.

I think for my oncoming updates, it will be hosted in my own website,
but it might be still broadcasted as link or excerpt into facebook feed.
its for those who are still staying there for whatever reason. :)

So for the year 1440 , my only resolution for this year is just  : “Bye #Facebook”

and that’s it for me.

What’s yours ?

p/s :

What’s on top of your mind at this moment ? hehe :)