“eh.. how come your website down ? have been suspended ?” .. ahaha..

“err…dun know..” .. kind of the shameful conversation after all…

then i’ve decided to get some backup server for that kind of situation..
to do that.. is quite simple.
let’s say we have some other hosting with different domain at some other server..
the issue is not all webhosting is using directadmin.. which we can simply add another domain.. to be managed.
if it about the full thing support for the whole domain.. it is quite simple.. add another addons domain or can parked domain also.
But .. what if .. i want just to have one sub-domain to be hosted to somewhere else?
if direct admin.. it would not stop the setup if something not set yet in the nameserver.. and it also dun even care if it a subdomain or the main domain..

Bwith cpanel.. it is quite tricky..
.. all you have to do is add a CNAME record with your desired sub-domain.. pointing to main domain
that you’re hosting it..

let say the back-up server is with something.net .. and you subdomain.. something like www2.mydon.net
so just add a CNAME www2.mydon.net with value as something.net
then after about few hour.. login into cpanel of the something.net add a addons domain..
… it will check the nameserver for www2.mydon.net.. and if it is have been propagate correctly ….
then you should seen a successful message.. You may also specify that to be which folder of something.net as well.
also the ftp login… pass and so on later..

the example of successful implementation of this can be seen as at http://www1.namran.net which is hosted to somewhere else..
complete different from this primary server..

Credit goes to schocher.net for the space.. and access. ~!!