I believe everyone would have already bump into Life Insurance agent before..

And may had encounter this situation at earlier stage of life.. or would be encounter this situation at some point of time soon..

Most typical is as below :

they will start with probing our current financial status.. pretending to understand or to help.. bla..bla.
sort of sharing information .. bla..bla..

then start calculating expenses.. liability .. asset and all.. calculating “net worth” or something i think..

.. from here their approach may vary.. depend on our current situation i think ..

Scenario A :

if you are having quite a lot of income and with high expenses.. and having some sort of asset already
.. he will ended up asking :
…… when do you plan to retire ?
…… how much would you think will be sufficient to support your lifestyle after retirement (55th years old.)?
…… what is your retirement number ?

then would suggest.. to “bla..bla..” then will be able to afford retirement life happily ever after..

Scenario B :

if you are after calculating all.. expenses is higher than income or just barely survived.. not much asset yet .
.. he will ended up asking :
…. what is your next 5year plan.. sort of thing ?
…. would you like to know how to control your unnecessary spending and having extra money each month ?
…. must think long term.. can’t simply let time goes by ..bla..bla.. must act fast..

Scenario C :

if you are somehow.. happened to be a “bread-winner” for the family or having someone depending on you.
.. he will ended up asking :

…. If anything happened to you , then how ?
…. what is your emergency plan.. if ..?
…. if die tomorrow.. who gonna take care the family and all?
…. everything must plan.. so that the one you love would not suffer much in case of …. bla..bla..

Conclusion :
All above scenario will then lead us to think that.. spending certain amount to insurance agent is not a waste..
just because we are human , and worrying a lot of thing.. this would be the best human err.. to be exploited or manipulated..
by whoever capable of influencing people..

(what on earth does it makes any sense if..
someone pretending to be a human or person who not knowing anything bout you before this..
suddenly become so concern about your life ?.. and at the end of discussion.. some money had to be given away to him?)

p/s : sometime i tend to think “a known bad-person is much safer than an unknown but very nice person..”

“Bekerja lah setekun mungkin,seolah-olah.. akan hidup selama-lama nya..
dan beribadatlah sebaik-baiknya, seolah-olah .. akan mati pada esok hari…”

.. from my colleague …

” who cares what gonna happened to the ‘World’ when I die..
let someone else that are still alive worry bout it..
as my body also have to let someone else take care of it..
I can’t possibly buried my own corpse even if I want to do it myself..
still i need someone else to help me to do it anyway..”

.. that’s why we got “Khairat kematian”.. and all.. (it is not yours anymore after you die..).

final thought : Do not think too much about the world..
let the death become our reminder to get ourselves prepared for the life hereafter.. not the other way around.

hmm.. Ingat 5 sebelum 5.. sepatutnya sebagai peringatan bagi mempersiapkan diri ke alam yg kekal abadi..
1. Senang sebelum susah,
2. Hidup sebelum mati
3. Lapang sebelum sibuk
4. muda sebelum tua
5. sihat sebelum sakit.

..still I felt not quite appropriate to use it to force me to opt-in for any life insurance policy immediately though..