Well, due some reason.. I had change my
handphone line from Maxis Family Plan (~ Rm 110/month) to Celcom executive plan (~ RM 58/month)..

Both are for two numbers.. which is suppose to be free for calling between that two numbers..
But somehow , with maxis.. it is included together with the un-billed amount ..
and only deducted when the new bill are out. and the problem is..

whenever the bill was somehow above the credit limit , the line got barred.. but the fact is.. the usage for foreign call are not even yet reach the minimal usage..
so end up paying the full bill RM 110 .. with the real usage of foreign call of about ~ RM 60.
and each month got barred for few days till thing got sorted out itself..

hmm.. further more, my maxis line is tied to my credit card.. and even if I paid the bill before the its due date.. its somehow still swiped the credit card.. causing double charge.. and not refunding or anything.. wait till next few month again till it used up. and repeat again.. paid via cash machine at KLCC.. end up charged via the credit card also and one time got it charged with excessive usage during the hi-usage of credit.. repeated few month.. till I got fed up.. terminating the credit card.. and holding the cash payment till the very end of the month..

consequences..? every month got at least 1week or “barred” period.. hehe.

hmm.. whenever reach hometown…
could be because Melor, Kelantan.. is a bit at a rural area.. so that the line was a bit crappy..even during talking , line can be dropped out.. leave alone the 3G or GPRS access.. if not crawling like hell.. there will be no service at all..

then .. to test it out.. borrowed a prepaid SIM card celcom and subscribed to “Daily Broadband”..
test it at my home in Kelantan..
not that bad at all.. at least can browse thestar.com.my and slashdot.org ..
(not expecting to be capable of torrenting.. though.)

but after that heard..the Celcom executive plan and (1+5) thing..
still undecided..

until.. the very last few week event..
got stuck at Bukit Jalil Stadium..
without access to phone coverage..
having some sort communication breakdown.. without no apparent reason…
and to make thing worst.. only received the SMS sent at 7.30pm at the next day 12.15a.m..

and..interestingly at 6a.m next morning .. line got barred again..
(26th April 2009-Sunday).. huh crap..

end up.. heading to Celcom booth @ Giant Kelana Jaya.. sign-up for Celcom Executive 50 and (1+5) with one sub-line. (RM 5).. have to wait about 7days for processing ..according to the salesman.. then only know that this program is called MNP ..

only discovered this when the first request was turned down by maxis due to previous bill “sangkut”..
or some sort of..

by calling celcom careline
1 300 111 000 ~ charged at RM0.30/minute.. and have to listen to all advertisement noise..

having not so good experience at
the first time i talk to them ..
.. after waiting for about 3minute..
listening to some sort of advertising and irriating sound..
finally someone pick up..
and.. without even managed to introduce myself ..
may be because the line a bit crappy at the moment..
can only hear the girl at the other end of the line.. saying..within less 5sec.

“Hello..hello.. boleh saya bantu..hmm..
kalau tak ada soalan.. bye.. *click*”

.. retry again.. have to wait another 3minute..
this time ..
“I jumped in and scold first..
don’t ever hung up like the one before this… then only starting explaining my situation..bla..bla..”

hmmm..have to clear bill first and call back again.. wait till last week..
I went back to hometown.. went to Kg Bahagia..
in the middle of the river.. surprising got 3G..hahahaha.
but I reach the house.. no more line..
according to future-relatives there..

“have to put at a standing still spot then only can talk.. do not lift.. do not shake.. the phone.”

~.. both maxis & celcom is available when hang the phone stationary at the wall ..

.. came back to KL.. Monday (4th Mei..)
after clearing up the bill for maxis..
and calling the same number again to re-submit the request…
finally received a SMS from Maxis.
around 11.45a.m

“We acknowledge your intention to move. Thank you for being with us all this while.We are looking forward to serve you again in near future.”

.. then… without further delay..
my phone having this status :

“SIM inactive”

… but only noticed that at 12.30 noon.
because normally got SMS comes in at that moment.. haha..

changed the SIM card to Celcom..
then only receiving a bunch of SMS..

“Welcome to Celcom.. you may now changed your SIM card..”

.. bla.bla.. hmm.. someone cut it off a bit too early ? or someone sent out a bit too late?

.. time to get use to Celcom..

press *118# .. to retrieve the bill..
and some sort of account info.
at the first day…
unable to download the 3G setting yet..

the next morning.. can request setting and starting to use “3G Video Call”, MMS and all “talk and out” software for IM messaging..

.. after few days only discovered that my other two colleagues had also switched from Maxis to others.
one to “Digi”..
and another one to “Celcom”..
the one switched to “Digi”.. got frustrated after found out.. no 3G service.. so cannot do video call..
.. but he said the charge each month is a lot lower compared to before switching..

hmm…. thanks to MNP for making all this possible.. while maintaining my same number.. purchased and maintained since the millennium year (2000).

p/s :

MNP is Mobile Number Portability ..

if the service is suck..
just the matter of time..

before customer start jumping off the the wagon ..

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1. www.celcom.com.my
2. http://www.maxis.com.my