Have you ever think about to restart everything from zero again?

I admit, I had made some mistake in the past regarding the financial.
Hmm.. seem it took longer time to recover or to realize that it was a mistake.

One thing that is obvious is the usage of the credit card, it tend to maxed-out every now and then..
Then.. i was thinking about stop using it, but somehow it doesn’t getaway with just that.

Each month, there will be times that I would have to swipe the credit for certain thing
such as petrol and few others. Don’t know what, where, why is wrong..every middle of the month
I would be cashless person.. hahahaha..

I think because early of the month would go spending spree without proper budget to save toward
end of the month. But when I re-calculated again, nothing much that I had spend on myself.
Most of them either paying bill, or just credit card interest ..
And also some un-planned trip or event that might have drained my cash from the start..

This post is not to tell that I am not grateful..
I am very grateful to have a job at the moment, with a stable income.
But yet somehow , I was always messed up with my spending..
so each month will be certain period of “I got no money in my pocket” at all.

That hard-time is repeating each month, till I felt really fed-up.
I can’t make extra time at workplace to earn some extra money with ‘overtime’ or what so ever.

Yes , I had same amount of time, same income each month… but it seem insufficient.
Even if to just get me survived till the very end of the month..
Then I start to reflect and contemplate myself for what I had been doing all this while.

I was paying some debt for ‘my ride’, paying for a ‘long-standing card credit debt’,
and yet got PTPTN which incurred to RM30,750.00 from the original of RM 28,000.00 (some 3-4 years ago).
Last time I checked, the record is not available. Could be because the original address is messed up.
So that I never received any statement from PTPTN.. so sad. But now can checked online at

Getting PTPTN PIN via SMS info»

Hmm… so the record is not ‘lost’ at all, but there is a recurring “Administration Cost” ~ “RM 65.00” per month.
Now have to pay back all the administration cost and don’t know when only can hit the principal.. (paying actual debt).

In the meantime, the credit card had also been reaching the ceiling limit, debt with other personnel that have to repay.
It seem not really bad,until I had to skip my meal just because not having enough money to spend.
But yet I am being grateful not to curse for whatsoever, It could having some point to ponder and lesson to
learn from this experience.

Until last month, I got into a conversation with a friend, we talked about many thing.
One of the thing that we had talked about is why would one stay to work in a private sector
instead of giving a try for SPA application. He mention that being a government servant
will be a lot easier to get loan and all. Plus there are a lot of allowance, even though
the basic salary is not that high.But when combined all together with allowance and other benefit,
is just about at par with what private sector is offering at the moment. And yet got ‘pencen’ after all.
“How long would you like to work in private sector?.. 10 years, 20 years… 30 years?”.

Hmm.. with my current financial situation, it would be impossible for me to fight back his argument anyway.
So I just nodded, yet too shy to ask for a temporary loan from him to get me survived till the end of the month.
Serve me right.. the next few days still got no money to spend..! hahaha.

Sometime I would think that, even though there is stimulus plan announced by “Finance Minister”.. the project
will still goes into company.. and if the company doesn’t have the mean to disseminate that profit out ..
It wouldn’t reach us in anyway…
well.. I doesn’t state it mean ALL company is bad.. but most company is making ‘recession time’ as an excuse
for not spending extra money or awarded any rise at this difficult time.
Well, it could be because the company have to think for a long term objective, to survive and able to
pay salary for each employee throughout the year.. instead of just paying whatever possible and had to spin-off later of the day.
Well ..VSS or any sort of employee laid-off is not a good scenario for us neither.

Hmm.. then how to get through all this difficult time ?
1. simply cannot do extra overtime to gain more because company impose no pay for overtime.
(if got also might not that eager to gain from such hectic plan)

2. I was also thinking of taking extra part time job as ‘construction worker’ which is paid by the hour .
(so that can earn extra money if work longer time.. but a bit tired..)

3. Side income? ( where got ?)

4. took short cut..hahahaha. ( apply for whatever loan first )

Hmm..re-negotiate with the banker and whoever party involved that might lower each month payment..
so can have some ‘buffer’ available each month,control the spending only to necessary.
then I think, over the time, can get rid of this problem forever.. I hope.

p/s : at the difficult time, there a some decision had to be made..
to pre-phrase.. “tough time, demand tough decision, tough measurement..”
sometime.. only you can help yourself.. no one else..!

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