SPM results on March 12..

this page dedicated to those who are waiting for SPM 2008 result..

I just want to share that.. not all offer letter that may have arrived prior to this date is from public institution / university / college..

no matter how it was been made to be look-alike from public / government sponsored scheme ..

the reality is if the offer letter were arriving to your post box prior to result announcement date.. is highly to be a SCAM or merely private college / institution sending out MASS-invitation to all last year  SPM candidate ..

Do not rush to sign up just because it was pretending to be an offer from public university or anything.. (unless you are quite sure the result wouldn’t be that good at all.. and have to resort to private college / university) but that one also worth waiting for the thing to settled down first.. at least until the result is out..

the IT programmed with the fee of about RM 1500-2000 is just a completely complimentary course.. unless you’re having a lot of extra money.. I suggest avoid it at whatever mean.. it just merely a certificate

printed by that particular institution without any big ‘value’ as it claimed to have… whenever to get a job soon..

for the one who are pursue directly to job/ work environment..

i suggest you to think again.. been 18years old..

next 30 years.. you’re also no matter how.. will be in the job / work environment.. but without the current strength and agility .. you are mostly not able to pursue any further proper education if you did’nt start to pursue the education / degree / master ..at this moment..

p/s : matriculation or foundation of foreign course (3+0) would be interesting part to look out..and judge also..