It is the day that everyone had been waiting for since the day we completed the exam at around November 1999.
But for me and most of my friend  are already half way on Matriculation which started at January 2000.

Yes, we are the first experimental batch for matriculation enrolment before the SPM result is announced.

And guess what, at the time when SPM about to be announce it is already March 2000, at which we already started preparing for our first Semester Final exam. Mind you, we are having to ingest 3 Semester of matriculation within one year spread.
There is no much holiday for us like the generation after us.
semester break is less than a month.. and most of us even stayed at college throughout the break due to financial constraint.

on the day SPM result is announced,  we are not allowed to request leave from the class.
yet, some being arrogant and get to their home to get the result anyway..

I am with the group of not even getting back to kelantan to look for the result.
But I was informed about the result status by my juniors at school.
It is pretty much considered as ” pass with flying colours..”
Hmm.. worth mentioning,  there is also a “best student” award ceremony
organized by my school that I missed this time.
My dad is the one who got on stage and collect the award for me this time..
there a lot of story being told to me about this event afterwards.
Well, the connection with juniors and all people at this moment really meant something.
so, I can hear about it again and again, and understand how well it would have inspire others to pursue their
excel in SPM too.

Be kind to others and you shall be rewarded anyway.

It took me another few month to get home and collect the result slip if not mistaken..

Back in matriculation college, although some are saying the result is nothing as we are already at matriculation that time..
well the truth is some of my colleague are being kicked out due the SPM result is below the requirement for the matriculation programme.
Not so many but there are case..of wasting the whole time between Jan 2000 to the March 2000 because they are ejected right after the SPM result is announced.

There are also cases of student opt to exit the matriculation programme to pursue the other course offered by JPA, Petronas, or even UPU.
well.. this cause half of the class gone..:-)
some are getting overseas medical or engineering preparing course in Banting,Selangor.. under MARA and JPA.
which is for the bright student with the best result in SPM and also intake interviews.
For the one who also filled in UPU (Unit Pengajian Tinggi) form,  some of them are getting place for Diploma in Uitm..

so, we choose our own way.. either to stay with matriculation or just leave..

Well, I got some problem with the identification card during Final exam for “Physic 1”..
this is because the final exam is being held at other branch college instead of my current college at where we took our classes.
so, slight glitch may have just cause half of the exam time gone because the management decide to try  solve the issue at this exact point..

.. haha..(may be a valid excuse for the bad result for this paper).

well.. it turn out quite OK.and I just completed all the three semester successfully with all the hardship and support from various parties
including but not limited to my parents, my friends, my lectures, my juniors..
at this point of time.. the handphone technology had just grabbed the market..
am among the group of people who had been able to use free SMS from ADAM(017) ..
we play, we laugh. . at Seremban 2 hostel for boys..

we stayed up till late night or until almost morning..
some just having chat..
our favourite TV slot at that time is “Beautiful Life”… from japan Tv series @NTV7  if not mistaken..

well.. the result of SPM is required again to fill in the enrolment to university later. .
which is around Jan 2001 until May 2001.

by  June 2001 I enrolled in Aerospace Engineering Degree course at University of Science Malaysia @ new campus near Nibong Tebal,Penang.
well, thing moved really fast.. right after the SPM  result.. we are the one who decide which way to take in our own life.. no one else.