Starting today.. I am going to be 25years old.


If I recalled correctly..

Today is complete 2years duration since the day 1st I started working with ATSB.

21st June 1999 — Preparing for SPM.. Join Debate and Website Design.2nd Place in Kelantan.

21st June 2000 — matriculation final Exam.. Barred from Physic paper. haha.

21 st June 2001 — 1st semester in Aerospace Engineering USM/ refusing Indonesia medical course. Windows 98 to Windows XP…? NetScan .. LanGuard..
21 st June 2002 — in USM.Welcome to Linux. Mandrake.Slaxware.Dual-boot attempt.

21st June 2003 — in USM .Compromised a mail server for IRC/Shoutcast server.

21st June 2004 — comissioning ROTU.Presenting Industrial Training with TELEKOM.DVOR.F16 Simulation using MATLAB. CATIA Project.

21stJune 2005 — Interview with ATSB . succeed.

21st June 2006 — Suspension letter on my desk in the morning.

21st June 2007 — Lost possesion of the car.


come to think bout it… I felt.. It is very damn good thing in my life.

May be Allah have better plan for me..