Today , 20 November 2008.. is exactly 10 Year after the first launch for International Space Station construction..

no big day ..??

The first component of ISS was launched on Nov. 20, 1998 from Russia to start its construction. ISS will be completed in 2010.

The first component being launched was FGB made in Russia, which weighs 21tons, with nickname of “Zarya” meaning sunrise.

then wait till we arrive Pluto someday ..

the one who come up with the idea of I.S.S for the first time is truly noble…

the idea of joint venture at outside of Earth..

when will Malaysia able to develop/supply a modular for I.S.S instead of just poking up there and get back here..
without so much contribution to space technology in world context.. again.. space tourist able to reach there..
just by fulfilling the monetary need.. and of course have to do some extent of physical training.. still
can say the experience is priceless.. true..but if using public fund money and yet not much re-contributing..
then think again lah…