My disk space at somehow approaching the limit.

As you can see on above screenshot, so I was somehow got something like “blocking rules” inside my mind ,
“must minimize the disk space usage”..

but the problem is.. when I started going into that way , I ended up not doing any post for
quite long time.. as part of trying to save “disk space” for something really important ?

after quite sometime and been reflecting myself..
I start to wonder ..
is this a correct way to tackle a problem?
run away from it ..and always get around but ended up not being me anymore?
why not just fix the problem where the root is..

so for this problem.. if the disk-space is about to full..
go find some money and upgrade the hosting lah..
end of problem..

at least.. my creativity .. my wish.. my other thing wouldn’t in anyway affected that much..
i can just write whenever i wish without the need to worry of the disk-space or what
so called a “problem”..

IT is a “problem” .. when you think that is a “problem”..
and if that is really a “problem” .. fix it right away..

don’t start to find excuse and work around first..
and getaway with it.?

Hence .. I fully agreed with “A Stitch in Time May save nine.”

p/s : … :)