?Everyday is a Blast!
Focus on the process, not the outcome.

Plan for the outcome so that you have the right direction.

Then focus on the process.
At the end of the day..

Upon seeing yourself in the mirror..

Ask yourself : “Did I put my best in today’s effort?”

If the answer is yes, regardless the OUTCOME.. it is wonderful!
If the OUTCOME is into our liking, it is wonderful.

And if it is NOT, it is still WONDERFUL!
Most likely when you had put in your best into whatever effort you’re doing. The outcome will take care of itself.
Did you still remember what was on top of your list 10 years ago..

Believe or not.. most of us already got that item.

How long it keep you happy?
Then, not long after that you change the IF to something else…

But remember whatever we can get.. 

we also can be un-get at anytime.

In other words, it can go away…
Be happy! 
P/s : bumped onto my favourite song on spotify.