Let’s say we want to reach somewhere at point Z.
And our current location is at A.

Somehow we first must get ourself to point B, then C,D,E,F
and eventually final step, getting from point Y to Z.

If we know we have about 5 years to reach point Z,
would it be reasonable to stuck at being getting from A to B for more than 3.5years. ?

The point is, whatever you plan as your main destination.
Just focus on getting to the next point at one time.

The whole route may be different from one and another.
It may also seem unreachable at one point.
But,what we can do is to focus all our energy on the very next first step.
Eventually we will get moving and stay motivated.
Thus bring us closer to our destination.

I was reminded by someone of the following:
“Mostly of what most people know is not worth knowing.”

Focus on what we values most and filter out the rest.
Just don’t waste our life, our energy, our resources fighting and arguing on trivial matter.

Most of the stuff that matters, are being ignored by most of people.
Be different.